R&D project co-financed by Lazio Innova POR FESR Lazio 2021-2027

TELEhome monitoring and neuromodulation of sleep-wake cycle and cognitive function fluctuation in patients with neurodegenerative diseases: validation of an AI tool.

The TELEMAIA Project aims to contribute to the development of “predictive and personalized digital telemedicine” services that will shift much of the periodic monitoring of cognitive-motor function and sleep-wake cycle from the hospital to the home of patients with neurodegenerative diseases through telemonitoring and AI tools for building indices of the patient’s clinical status based on telemonitoring data. The services of the TELEMAIA Project will be aimed at improving the quality of restorative nighttime sleep for patients through appropriate brain neuromodulation using harmless and non-invasive techniques.

The enterprises and ODRs that constitute the Temporary Purpose Association to carry out project activities and their shares are:

Sentech Srl (Principal) – 42%.

Sogetel Srl (Principal) – 26%.

La Sapienza University (Principal) – 14%.

IRCSS San Raffaele Roma Srl (Principal) – 18%.

CUP: F89J23001180007