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Agostino Reali

Dr. Agostino Reali is a physician specializing in Otolaryngology and Branch Manager at San Raffaele Termini Specialist Outpatient Clinic in Rome.

Professional Experiences

  • Clinical training experiences at the Universidad de Salamanca 2004.
  • Endoscopist at Trinity College Dublin 2011.
  • Responsible D.H. POL. Umberto primo 2006/2008.
  • A thermal medicine physician, he has been working with San Raffaele Termini and Cassino Outpatient Clinics and IRCCS San Raffaele Rome since 2009.

Education and training

Medical and surgical degree Catholic university sacred heart Rome July 2002.

Specialization orl la Sapienza November 2008 70/70 with honors.

Membership in the Frosinone Medical Association.

Endoscopist, outpatient nose surgery, pediatric otolaryngologist and expert in phoniatrics.

Specialista in

  • Otolaryngology


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