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Antelmi Antonella

Nutritionist with more than 10 years of experience in conducting nutritional assessments and examining lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress levels, medical diagnoses, and medication use.

Versatile nutritionist, experienced in reviewing nutrition journals, preparing nutrition tips and assisting patients.

I carry out food intolerance testing In recent years, thanks to my training as a graduate Biologist with a Master’s degree in Diet Therapy and Clinical Nutrition, I have had the opportunity to actively collaborate with Specialists in the field, gaining experience in nutritional planning dedicated to physiological improvement through the control of metabolic balance obtained by monitoring the state of tissue hydration and changes in muscle and fat mass, thanks to the use of BIA 101. I collaborate with a psychotherapist, together we follow the project: Nutrition through the mind; specifically the project involves: -Modifying one’s nutrition to learn about, control and correct dietary errors or metabolic imbalances; -Modifying one’s lifestyle -Discovering the real function of food -Helping the patient to understand the mind-body continuum, both from a psychological and nutritional point of view, whereby our body, our physical appearance, shows the other what we want them to see. -Food seen as nourishment to support one’s body but also one’s mind. -Food as a “relational” vehicle. -Guidance on the knowledge and choice of foods ( smell, color, texture, taste…)

Expert in:

  • Food habits – Food assessments for women and children
  • Lifestyle planning for patients with diabetes
  • Food assistance
  • Body composition analysis
  • Knowledge of plicometry
  • Specializing in clinical dietetics
  • Motivational techniques
  • Researcher has published several papers over the years in international journals

Specialista in

  • Food Science

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