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Baldelli Sara

His education took place at the University of Rome Tor Vergata where he obtained the following degrees:

1. Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with the grade of 110/110 cum laude
2. Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology

He is Associate Professor at San Raffaele Telematic University for the scientific disciplinary field (S.S.D.) BIO/10. He contributes to teaching activities pertaining to the BIO/10 group, distinguishing himself by his commitment and ability in all teaching activities (lectures, tutorials, exams, student assistance).

He holds the following teachings:

  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Gastronomy (class L-26)
    • Chemistry and Biochemistry (8 CFU integrated course)
  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition (Class LM-61)
    • Metabolic level nutrition: biochemical structures , reactions and regulation (6 CFU);
    • Biochemistry of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals (10 CFU)

He carries out his research activities at the Biochemistry of Aging Laboratory of IRCCS San Raffaele, via di Val Cannuta 247, Rome, and in the Biochemistry Laboratory of the Department of Biology, Tor Vergata University, via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1, Rome.

He has participated and participates in research projects, which have been accepted for funding based on competitive calls involving peer review.

Research activity is mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Study of molecular mechanisms and intracellular factors involved in different types of diseases such as neurodegeneration, cancer (hepatocarcinoma, neuroblastoma, adenocarcinoma), skeletal muscle degeneration (atrophy, sarcopenia);
  • Study of the redox state and antioxidant defense in the above diseases;
  • Study of molecules of natural origin (resveratrol, kampferol) in the treatment of the above pathologies;

He is the author of papers published in the national and international scientific literature.

Specialista in

  • Biochemistry