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Prof. Carlo Damiani is a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and O.U. Director of the IRCCS San Raffaele Department of Neuromotor Rehabilitation.

Lazio Regional Secretary of SIMFER ( Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).

Most recent scientific work

C.Damiani, R.Casale, V.Rosati

Mirror Therapy in the rehbilitation of lower Limb amputation. Are there any contraindications?

American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, October 2009

R.Casale, M.Maini, O.Bttinardi, M.Mallick, A.Labeeb, V.Rosati, C.Damiani

Motor and sensory rehabilitation after lower limb amputation: state of art and perspective of change

Italian Journal of Occupational Medicine 2012

R.Casale, A.Labeeb, C.Casale, V.Rosati, F.Ceccherelli, Pl Chimento.

Laser therapy controls pain and eletrophysiological parameters in symptomatic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: a short term study of Laser vs Tens

Italian Journal of Occupational Medicine 2012

R.Casale,C.Damiani, R.Maestri, CD Wells

Pain and electrophysiological parameters are improved by combined 830-1064 high-intensity LASER in symptomatic carpal tunnel syndrome versus Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation A randomized controlled study.

Eur. J Phys Rehabil Med 2012 Jul 23

Casale R1, Damiani C, Rosati V, Atzeni F, Sarzi-Puttini P, Nica AS.

Efficacy of a comprehensive rehabilitation program combined with pharmacological treatment in reducing pain in a group of OA patients on a waiting list for total joint replacement.

ClinExpRheumatol. 2012 Mar-Apr;30(2):233-9. Epub 2012 Apr 13.

Casale R, Maini M, Bettinardi O, Labeeb A, Rosati V, Damiani C, Mallik M

Motor and sensory rehabilitation after lower limb amputation: state of art and perspective of change.

G Ital Med Lav Ergon. 2013 Jan-Mar;35(1):51-60

Sale P.,Mazzoleni S.,Lombardi V.,Galafate D.,Massimiani M., Posteraro F., Damiani D. and Franceschini M.

Recovery of function with robot-assisted therapy in acute stroke patients:a randomized controller trial

Inten.J.of rehabil.Research 2014

Sarzi-Puttini, F. Atzeni, C. Damiani, R. Casale, M. Barbagallo, M. Cazzola

A Double-Blind, Randomised, Parallel Group, Active Controlled, Multicentre Study to Assess the Therapeutic Non-Inferiority of Skp-021, A 0.3% Ketoprofen Patch, versus Diclofenac Sodium Patch in Patients with Acute Inflammatory Musculoskeletal Injuries

Ann Rheum Dis 2014;73:Suppl 2 303 doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.3677.Inten .J.of Rehabil.Research 2014

Damiani C

Amputee rehabilitation: taking charge, functional assessment and goal setting.

G Ital Med Lav Ergon. 2015 Jul-Sep;37 Suppl(3):16-21.

S.Cuoco, C.Attanasi, C.Damiani.

Guidelines and scientific evidence in the rehabilitation of the amputee patient

MR Italian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2017 Sep;31(3):163-70.

Pournajaf S, Goffredo M, Criscuolo S, Galli M, Damiani C, Franceschini M

Virtual reality rehabilitation in patients with total knee replacement: Preliminary results

Gait & Posture 2017

Goffredo,E .Guanziroli,S. Pournajaf,M .Gaffuri,C. Gasperini,S .Filoni,S .Baratta,C. Damiani,M. Franceschini, F .Molteni :

Overground wereable powered exoskeleton for gait training in subacutestroke subjects clinical and gait assessment

European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2019, Feb 04

Paolucci T.,Bernetti A.,Paoloni M.,Capobianco SV.,Bai AV.,Pierro L.,Rotundi M.,Damiani C.,Santilli V.,Agostini F.,Mangone M.

Therapeutic Alliance in a Single Versus Group Rehabilitative setting after Breast cancer surgery:Psychological profile and performance Rehabilitatione.

Biores Open Access. July 2019 3;8 101-110.

C.Damiani, M.Mangone, M.Paoloni, M.Goffredo, M.Franceschini, M.Servadio, S. Pournajef, V.Santilli, F.Agostini, A.Bernetti.

Trade-Offs with rehabilitation effectiveness (REs) and efficiency (REy) in a sample of Italian disabled persons in a post-acuity rehabilitation unit

Ann.Ig. Jul-Aug 2020 327-335

R.Seccia,Boresta M.,Fusco F, M.Boresta.E.Tronci,.LPalagi, E. Di Gemma,,M. Mangone,,A.Bernetti,,V.santilli,,C.Damiani,,M.Goffredo,,M.Franceschini

Data of patients undergoing Rehabilitation programs

Date in Brief, 2020,30.105419

L.Pellicciari,M.Agosti,M.Goffredo,S.Pournajaf,D.Le Pera,F.De Pisi.,M.Franceschini,C.Damiani

Factors influencing the works out come at discharge:a retrospective study on a large sample of patients admitted to an intensive rahabilitation unit

American Journal of Physycal Medicine & Rehabilitation

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