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Pournajaf Sanaz

Dr. Sanaz Pournajaf has been a clinical researcher specializing in neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-robotics at IRCCS San Raffaele since 2016. He has actively contributed to national and international clinical research projects, focusing on topics such as tele-rehabilitation, virtual reality and robotics for neuro-motor rehabilitation.

His experience includes designing research protocols, collecting and analyzing clinical and instrumental data, and publishing scientific articles in international journals. Dr. Pournajaf is qualified as a University Professor of Second Rank (Associate Professor) in the Competitive Sector 06/N1-Sciences Of Health Professions And Applied Medical Technology.

He has actively participated in various educational initiatives, teaching at academic institutions and contributing to national and international courses on robotic rehabilitation. He also holds the Ekso Indego® Clinic Specialist and Trainer and Armeo®Power Specialist and Trainer licenses, attesting to his advanced skills in applying and teaching the application of innovative technologies used in neuro-motor rehabilitation.

His active participation in scientific-professional associations includes key roles as Faculty member and Chair of the Working Package “VRRS – Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System” at the European Rehabilitation Robotic School. He also served on the Scientific board of the ESPRM UEMS-PRM and the Special Interest Scientific Committee (SISC) for Pain and Disability, and SISC for New Technologies and Robotic for Rehabilitation of the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ESPRM).

Dr. Pournajaf has received awards, including the “Lamberto Piron 2023” Award for the best multricenter study (RIN) on Telerehabilitation. His research has contributed significantly to the field of rehabilitation, with a special focus on patients with stroke, Parkinson’s and other neuro-degenerative conditions.

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