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Russo Matteo

1969 – Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, Catholic University of Rome. Italy.
1970 – Assistant Professor of General Pathology, University of Rome, Sapienza, Italy.
1980 – Associate Professor of Experimental Oncology, University of Rome, Sapienza.
1986-2014 – Full Professor of General Physiopathology, University of Rome, Sapienza, Italy.
1974-1976 – Fulbright Scholar, University of Pennsylvania and Temple Univ, Phila., Pa., USA.
1977-1979 – Visiting Professor of Pathology, Thrombosis Center, Temple University, Phila, Pa.USA.
1980-1990 – Adjunct Professor of Pathology and Pharmacology, Temple University, Phila, Pa.USA.
1982 – Award for Experimental Oncology, Assicurazioni Generali Foundation of Trieste.

Member of many scientific Societies (SIP, SIC, AAAS, etc.).
Member of the Superior Committee of Public Health. (2003-2004).

1999-2014 – Director of the Research Doctorate in Human Pathology of Univ of Rome, Sapienza.
2005 – Malpighi award for Translational Medicine from the Malpighi and Holding Intern. Altay Foundation.
Member of the National Committee for the Research of the Ministry of Health (2000-2009).
President of Biomedical Laboratory Technician School at Sapienza University of Rome (2000-2014).
President of Ethical Committee of ASL of Frosinone, Italy (2005-2013)
Member of Scientific Committee of IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome
Member of Scientific Committee of San Donato Foundation (IRCCS San Donato, IRCCS Istituto Galeazzi, IRCCS San Raffaele Monte Tabor), Milan, Italy (2009-2014)
President of MEBIC Consortium (Medical and Experimental Bioimaging Center), San Raffaele and Tor Vergata Universities, Rome, Italy (2015-2018).

Specialista in

  • Molecular and Cellular Pathology  | 
  • Pathophysiology