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Testa Sonia Rita

Dr. Testa Sonia Rito received her degree in “Medicine and Surgery” from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on 07/16/1992 with grades 110/110 cum laude, discussing her thesis entitled ” Headache in ischemic cerebrovascular pathology.”

In November 1992, he was licensed as a “Physician-Surgeon.” Registered in the Register of Physicians-Surgeons of the Province of Frosinone since 03/26/1993 with No. 2715. From January-1992 011′ October 1993, he attended the Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Department of the Italian Neurotrauma Institute in Grottaferrata (RM) as a volunteer physician. On 7/05/1993, he received the degree of “Perfecting the diagnosis and treatment of headaches.”

On 11/26/1997, she specialized at the University of Siena in “Neurophysiopathology” with grades 70/70 cum laude, devoting special attention and practice to perfecting Electroneuromyographic Diagnostics. In 1999, he received the certificate of proficiency for the Biennial Training Course.
Specific to general medicine. From 2002 to. 2003 he served as a Neurological/Neurophysiopathological Consultant at the Casadi Cura “San Raffaele” in Cassino.

From 2003 to 2015 holder of continuity of care position at the ASL of Frosinone. From 2012 until Oct. 15, 2022, she was the holder of Primary Care Medicine at the “E” district of the ASL of Frosinone. From October 17, 2022 to the present, Medical Assistant at the Department of Medicine of San Raffaele in Cassino and outpatient activity as Neurophysiopathologist within the ‘same facility.

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  • Neurophysiopathology

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