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Tognozzi Deborah

Dr. Deborah Tognozzi is a nutrition biologist with expertise in clinical and metabolic nutrition, preventive and therapeutic nutrition, and nutrigenetics.

Dr. has experience in nutrition in the different stages of women’s life: puberty, childbearing age, with a focus on nutrition for reproduction and fertility also in PMA (medically assisted procreation). pregnancy lactation and menopause.

  • Lecturer a.c at San Raffaele Telematic University of Rome Master of Science in Human Nutrition Curriculum Nutraceuticals
  • Lecturer Universita’ telematica Unicusano in Rome for the Master of 1st level Psychology of Sport- nutrition and sport module academic year .
  • Trainer with CONI-OPES ITALY recognition in Bioenergetic Nutrition
  • Lecturer in Holistic Nutrition for ALBA and MILAN SARASVATIANANDA Academy of NATUROPATHY
  • Expert Consultant in Food Safety.
  • Manager in Food Safety Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety with in-depth knowledge of production processes in food, retail, large-scale retail, catering, events and healthcare.

Specialista in

  • Food Science



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