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Vecchio Fabrizio

Head of the Laboratory of Brain Connectivity since 2013, Prof. Fabrizio Vecchio is a biomedical engineer with expertise in neurophysiological assessment and human performance, who has conducted extensive research on the application of physiological measures, particularly from EEG recordings, in different contexts.

He is also Associate Professor of Physiology at eCampus University, and has authored more than 170 peer-reviewed manuscripts (more than 60 as first or last author), has an h-index of 54 (Scopus), and has been invited to several national and international symposia and research groups for many of which he also actively participates in organizing and directing. He is currently a member of the Lazio 5 Territorial Ethics Committee as a Clinical Engineer. He has devoted his career to researching neurobiomarkers of physiological and pathological conditions using innovative algorithms based on connectivity and signal complexity analysis.

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