Clinical and experimental research center

The research activity of the Clinical and Experimental Research Center of IRCCS San Raffaele in Rome is mainly based on rehabilitation in all cardiovascular diseases with specific interest in heart failure and its causes, ischemic heart disease, and gender differences. The research group also has specific interest on the effect of cardiovascular rehabilitation on disabilities induced by heart failure and sequelae of ischemic heart disease with interest on frailty and innovative drug therapies. The Clinical and Experimental Research Center studies innovative rehabilitation mechanisms through the use of telemedicine and telehealth combined with robotics and artificial intelligence.

Gli obiettivi

The goals of the Center for Clinical and Experimental Research include the development of rehabilitation models and pathways: evaluation of exercise in patients with cardiovascular disease and development of innovative exercise re-training modalities through the development and validation of dedicated training devices and modalities. The Clinical and Experimental Research Center studies new biomarkers and their validation as outcome indicators in atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease , valvular heart disease and heart failure. Additional objectives are the evaluation of innovative drug therapies and devices in the treatment of patients for primary and secondary prevention, the development of new educational pathways in the areas of lifestyle and therapeutic compliance, and innovative organizational models for continuity of care : tele-monitoring, tele-rehabilitation.


Gli interessi dell’Area

Specific interests of the research area include heart failure and its causes, chronic ischemic heart disease, evaluation of drug and digital therapies for functional recovery of patients with cardiovascular disease

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