Developmental disabilities and rehabilitation

Vigevano Federico

 Condoluci Claudia

La rehabilitation of developmental disabilities, a large and heterogeneous group of pathologies that manifest from prenatal age through childhood with outcomes that can have lifelong impact, requires multidisciplinary medical and rehabilitation teamwork that pays attention to all aspects of development, psychomotor-motor, cognitive, language, learning and behavior.

Gli obiettivi

  • Research in the area of developmental disability rehabilitation aims to verify the rehabilitation outcomes of the various proposed models and to identify and validate new shared, disease-specific rehabilitation strategies, tools and protocols tailored to individual clinical situations.

Gli interessi dell’Area

  • Use of new technologies for pediatric rehabilitation, with motor, psychomotor, and cognitive rehabilitation pathways that take advantage of the new possibilities offered by robotic rehabilitation and telerehabilitation, applicable, in selected cases, even in pediatric age
  • Gait Analysis laboratory motion analysis, applied to both walking and “fine movements”
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, genetic syndromes, and rare diseases
  • Translating contributions from research activities in neuroscience to clinical rehabilitation practice
  • Participation in national and international multicenter studies in the field of research in Developmental Disabilities

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