Neuromotor rehabilitation and robotic rehabilitation

Franceschini Marco

 Cioeta Matteo, Manzia Carlotta Maria, Thouant Carrie Louise, Cocco Elena Sofia, Pournajaf Sanaz, Agostini Francesco

The Laboratory develops research plans in the field of Rehabilitation in order to develop ways to carry out the design and subsequent rehabilitation programs and prognosis with increasingly precise and evidence-related modalities. In particular, three lines of research are mainly activated:

Epidemiology applied to rehabilitation, which is essential to highlight factors facilitating positive outcomes.

Study of new innovative high-tech systems useful for aiding post-injury neuromotor recovery, particularly robotic systems for the lower and upper limbs.

Insights into the translational field to identify new technical rehabilitation approaches derived directly from new discoveries in neurophysiology.

All of these lines find as a basic cross-cutting element the constant fine-tuning of evaluation systems that enable the objectification of the “measured” data.

Gli obiettivi

Main goal is the innovation of evaluative and therapeutic approach in rehabilitation. The main interests of the area are the testing of new and original evaluative and therapeutic approaches in some of the most frequent diseases leading to functional limitations such as: Cerebral Stroke, Plaque Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Syndrome, outcomes of hip and knee replacement surgery and femur fracture.

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