Human Longevity Program Workshop

Responsabile: Tasciotti Ennio

The Human Longevity Program is a multidisciplinary research program that investigates the cellular and environmental molecular basis of aging in order to create new paradigms for improving health conditions through preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative approaches. The program is based on the principles of regenerative medicine and the discovery of the human body’s incredible ability to repair organs and tissues.

To this end, the research activities of the Human Longevity Program aspire to identify new pharmacological approaches for maintaining central nervous system health through nanotherapies aimed at preventing, slowing or reversing neurodegenerative processes related to chronic or acute brain disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, etc.). Among the various projects and lines of research, we are concerned with prevention activities related to lifestyles through the study of exosomes, biomarker discovery to monitor physiological conditions and make early diagnosis, and the development of therapies capable of overcoming the limitations of current ones by using biomimetic nanoparticles that can regulate inflammation at the level of the neurovascular unit.

The mission of the program is to coordinate scientific discoveries and technological advances necessary for the implementation of state-of-the-art therapies, and for the establishment of lifestyles and behavioral practices to achieve improved and extended life spans.

Interessi di Ricerca

  • Central nervous system functioning in homeostasis and disease
  • Regulation of inflammation at the systemic level and the neurovascular unit
  • Therapies against degenerative processes of cognitive function
  • Biomarker discovery in biological fluids
  • Study of circulating exosomes in human patients
  • Development of biomimetic nanoparticles for overcoming biological barriers


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