Laboratory of Biochemistry of Aging

Responsabile: Baldelli Sara
Staff: Ciccarone Fabio, Baldelli Sara, Ciriolo Maria Rosa

The laboratory focuses research interests predominantly on metabolic and epigenetic regulation, mitochondrial function, and maintenance of redox state using in vitro and in vivo models of aging and related pathologies (obesity, neurodegeneration/neuroinflammation, muscle atrophy) with the aim of identifying possible cellular targets to delay agingpreventing neuronal deathand its related consequencesusing naturally derived molecules or repositioning FDA-approved pharmacopoeias. The analysis of metabolites, epigenetic changes, and soluble factors under pathophysiological conditions will be crucial to be able to identify new biomarkers of rehabilitation or evaluate nutritional/pharmacological approaches useful to speed up the rehabilitation process.

Interessi di Ricerca

  • Metabolic reprogramming and redox regulation during aging and related diseases
  • Metabolic and epigenetic regulation of the processes of sarcopenia/muscle atrophy and neuroinflammation
  • Regulation of processes controlling cell death such as apoptosis and autophagy
  • Identification of naturally occurring or FDA-approved molecules in pathological conditions associated with aging and neurodegeneration


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