Laboratory of Physiology and Pharmacology of Pain

Responsabile: Ilari Sara
Staff: Malafoglia Valentina, Passacatini Lucia Carmela

The activity of the Physiology and Pharmacology of Pain laboratory is focused on the study of the involvement of free radicals in algogenic reactivity, with special emphasis on the development and testing of new classes of neuroprotective and pain-relieving drugs of both synthetic and natural origin and the study of new biomarkers for the identification of acute/chronic pain.

The main goals of the laboratory are to produce robust experimental data that strengthen the early evidence on the action of free radicals in the development of acute and postoperative pain (observed in different pain models) and to identify new therapeutic approaches and new biological targets for the development of more effective and safer therapies and rehabilitation programs.

The research laboratory, over the years, has established numerous scientific collaborations both at the national level: Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro (Prof. Carolina Muscoli, Prof. Vincenzo Mollace, Prof. Filippo Familiari), the ISAL Foundation (Prof. William Raffaeli), Sapenzia University (Prof. Marco Tafani), the University of Messina (Prof. Daniela Caccamo), and at the international level: Saint Louis University(Prof. Salvemini).

Interessi di Ricerca

  • Study of cellular target proteins in acute/chronic pain using established and novel pharmacological agents (antioxidants) to alleviate oxidative stress related to ROS production.
  • Research of new biological targets for the development of effective and safe therapies and rehabilitation programs
  • Study of animal models of pain of different etiology for understanding pain and the underlying peripheral and central pathogenetic mechanisms.


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