Article 26 rehabilitation – Sulmona

At San Raffaele in Sulmona, and specifically within the Bier Center, physiotherapy and specific out-of-hospital rehabilitation services are provided (ex art.26 L.833/78).

Out-of-hospital specific rehabilitation services are provided on an outpatient and home basis and are accredited with the Regional Health Service.

Outpatient mode

The end users are mainly children with developmental disabilities, who in addition to therapies in the cognitive area, benefit from Speech Therapy assistance, and as far as it concerns are periodically evaluated by the Child Neuropsychiatrist.

In addition, the outpatient service caters to adult services, which are treated for major motor disabilities.

Home care

The end users are mainly young-adults to whom physiokinesitherapy services are provided. Physical therapy services are also provided within the Bier Center.