Developmental Age Rehabilitation Unit – Viterbo

TheDevelopmental Age Rehabilitation Unit, accredited with the Regional Health System, deals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (cognitive disabilities, specific and nonspecific communication and language disorders, autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disorders, developmental disorders of motor coordination) conduct and behavior disorders, psychomotor delays, in individuals between the ages of 0 and 15 years, as well as problems related to the school placement of children in the target area.

It has amultidisciplinary team consisting of Child Neuropsychiatrist, Psychologists, Social Worker, Speech Therapists , Neuro and Psychomotor Rehabilitation Technicians, Educators, Occupational Therapists. The operational model is that of the integrated multi-professional specialist team, characterized by the multidimensional approach to functional assessment and treatment, as well as a cognitive-behavioral approach to the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and behavior disorders.

Service Interventions.

The main interventions carried out by the service are :

– Therapeutic and rehabilitation intake (cognitive behavioral , speech, motor psychomotor etc.) ;

-advising parents on developmental issues and parenting support interventions (Parent training and Parent Coaching) ,

-School and social integration of children with disabilities under L 104/92 and related certifications (dynamic profile and functional diagnosis for the drafting of the IEP); interventions in the school setting

-Evaluation and support in collaboration with other territorial services (ASL, Municipal Social Services, Judicial Authority, etc.).

Methods of access

The user with appropriate referral issued by the District Service or the PLS (pediatrician of free choice, for first access) after a telephone appointment, accesses an initial visit at the Service of the Age of Development. The intake of users on the waiting list for rehabilitation intervention activation is determined based on the following criteria: age, severity of pathology , possible recovery period if rehabilitation interventions have already been carried out, and the date of inclusion. Based on the first visit, the waiting time will also be determined with reference to the type of surgery.