Hemodialysis Center – Nepi Nursing Home

The Nepi Nursing Home Dialysis Center. was established in 1998 as a hemodialysis center subordinate to the Dialysis Service of the “Belcolle” Hospital in Viterbo as a Decentralized Dialysis Unit for the Elderly (U.D.D.A.) and maintained that status until January 2018, when, with the regulatory reorganization introduced by the Lazio Region, it was credited as Private Ambulatory Dialysis Center Affiliated with the Regional Health System.

It is equipped with a total of three dialysis rooms (including a so-called “contumacious” room with 2 stations for patients who are positive for HBsAg or have special clinical needs) and has a total of 10 places.

All dialysis stations feature state-of-the-art dialysis monitors adapted to the latest clinical and care standards, enabling the delivery of highly biocompatible hemodialysis treatments.

So-called “standard” hemodialysis (bicarbonate hemodialysis) and hemodiafiltration treatments are provided, all practiced with the use of highly biocompatible dialysis membranes.

The Nepi Nursing Home Center also offers hemodialysis sessions to inpatients in residential care at all OUs. operational of the Facility.

Required documentation

  • Physician commitment or transfer from another facility
  • health card
  • health booklet
  • valid identity document
  • clinical documentation
  • dialysis card
  • General practitioner referrals for dialysis requests

Methods of access

Access to the Hemodialysis Center is through a request submitted directly to the Facility by a referral issued by the attending physician.

The waiting list is managed by the Facility in chronological order of receipt of the request and availability of treatment stations.

Request place for patients on vacation

The Dialysis Center of Nepi Nursing Home adheres to the “vacations with dialysis” project, an initiative proposed by the Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN) in collaboration with the National Association of Hemodialysis Dialysis and Transplantation (ANED) aimed at mapping and indexing all Dialysis Centers nationwide and aimed at offering patients with kidney disease the right to freely choose their periods of rest despite dialysis therapy.

Patients who wish to have dialysis as a guest at our Center can contact the Acceptance Office at 0761/528123 and 0761/528140 or e-mail accettazionenepi@sanraffaele.it

Patient Transport Service

For patients who are unable to reach the center by their own means or with the support of family members, and for those who request it, it is possible to access transportation services dedicated to hemodialysis patients authorized by the ASL of Viterbo.