High Intensity Neuro Rehabilitation – Cassino

TheHigh Intensity Operating Unit, accredited with the National Health System, is dedicated to the care of patients with acquired, non-progressive severe central nervous system impairment. These are individuals with early outcomes of head trauma, brain hemorrhage, extensive ischemic, inflammatory or infectious injuries that have resulted in impaired vital functions and therefore come from Neurosurgery and Neurotraumatology Departments.

The department admits patients with severe acquired brain injuries that have resulted in a disturbance of consciousness ( in a vegetative state or minimally conscious).

The patient is assisted in the stabilization phase of vital functions according to a protocol that involves taking charge as early as possible, as soon as the patient no longer needs continuous invasive ventilatory assistance.

Early referral makes it possible to minimize the consequences of long periods of hospitalization in Neurotrauma and Neurosurgery, making it possible to start the rehabilitation pathway when it is most likely to positively affect the outcome of encephalic injuries.

The department also receives patients with Locked-in syndrome, when this is consequent to a central injury.