Hospice – Center for Palliative Care – Rocca di Papa

The Hospice – Palliative Care Center is accredited with the Regional Health Service for both residential and home care at no charge to patients.

The Center for Palliative Care has 16 residential beds and 64 home care beds.

The care model offered is aimed at the active and total protection of people whose disease, characterized by relentless evolution, no longer responds to specific treatments.

At this stage, the primary goal of the care system is to safeguard the person’s dignity and improve his or her quality of life until the end.

For this reason, the person is taken care of comprehensively by a multidisciplinary team that keeps the pain and symptoms of discomfort and distress, both physical and psychological, caused by the progression of the disease under control, while also giving support to his or her family unit.

Palliative care can be implemented either in the Hospice Unit(Residential Care) or athome (Home Care), depending on the needs of the person and his or her family.

Palliative care

The term palliative comes from pallium, the garment the Romans wore over the tunic to cover and protect themselves.

Cure, from the verb curare in the sense of “to have care,” meaning to protect and carefully assist the person in all the physical and psychological problems that arise for him and his family in the final stage of the disease.

Methods of access

The Attending Physician (General Practitioner or Hospice Physician) forwards the request for intake to the Hospice Call Center.

The Responsible Physician or other Hospice Physician reviews the request; if he/she deems it appropriate, he/she forwards it, requesting authorization to take charge of the patient, to the territorially competent Multidisciplinary Evaluative Unit (M.V.U.).

Once authorization is obtained, the patient is placed on the waiting list.