Hospice – ESMO Certified Palliative Care Center – Monte Compatri

The facility is a ESMO-certified center. European Society for Medical Oncology, with the title “Designated Center of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care” accredited with the Regional Health System.

For the fifth consecutive year, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has awarded San Raffaele Group hospices the title “Center for Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care.”, the highest award that the European Society of Medical Oncologists grants to a limited number of centers considered to have a very high level of care delivered to the cancer patient.

Obtaining this prestigious certification were the hospices in Rocca di Papa and Montecompatri and Cassino. The title, which will be valid for the three-year period 2022-2024, once again rewards the growth path undertaken by the San Raffaele Group, aimed at the validation and certification of diagnostic/assistance processes that see the patient and his or her real needs at the center of everything, with a view to an increasingly patient-oriented medicine.

The winning idea was to create a real network, linking the time of chemotherapy treatment and medical care to the palliative care phase-from a geographical as well as an operational point of view-creating an integrated care network between the Medical Oncology Operating Unit of Tor Vergata University and San Raffaele.

The international recognition thus certifies the efforts made in the implementation of a program of care, now also endorsed by the scientific literature, which contemplates taking care of the patient and his or her family throughout the biological evolution of neoplastic pathology: from diagnosis to staging, from disease typing to specific therapies and then to palliative care.

Hospice information

Dedicated to terminally ill patients who need palliative care, which can also be carried out at home, the Hospice is located within the San Raffaele Monte Compatri building complex.

The hospice has 14 inpatient rooms that reproduce the comfort and warmth typical of a family environment. The hospice is affiliated with 56 places in home care.

All rooms, designed with special attention to the psychological well-being of the guest, are designed with walls, curtains and upholstery in warm and harmonious colors; three-jointed beds are adaptable to every need; in addition to the normal furniture, an armchair bed to allow family members of inpatients to stay overnight in the Facility, a small study, a mini-bar, a color TV and a telephone complete the room’s amenities.

Mode of Hospice Admission

Hospice admission occurs through the following process:

Patients within the RM H territory admitted to health facilities
Proposal by the physician in charge of the operating unit where the patient is admitted, formulated on appropriate forms, to be forwarded to the UVM of the patient’s CAD of residence and for information to the chosen palliative care operating unit (at San Raffaele Montecompatri).

The proposing physician informs the patient of the existing options for continued treatment and acquires in writing the option expressed by the patient.

Patients residing within the territory of ASL RM H who are not hospitalized in health facilities
Proposal by the general practitioner, formulated on appropriate forms, together with the request on ASL prescription sheet to be formalized by the same or relatives to the UVM of the CAD of residence of the patient and for information to the palliative care operating unit.

The proposing physician informs the patient of the existing options for continued treatment and acquires in writing the option expressed by the patient.

Patients residing in other ASLs in Lazio and outside the region
Proposal by the General Practitioner or Attending Physician of a sick person residing outside the territory of the ASL RM H to be forwarded directly to the dispensing facility (San Raffale Montecompatri).

The latter will request authorization to take charge from the District of residence (where it has not already been requested) by also notifying ASL RM H. If authorization is not received from the District of residence within 24 hours, ASL RM H will do so.

Hospice Admission Form