Intensive R1 – Medica Group

Medica Group provides R1 intensive residential care, accredited with the Regional Health System, ensuring an individual care program for the patient in accordance with the basic principles of dignity protection without any discrimination.

Council Resolution 148 dated 5/5/2023 recognized the authorization and institutional accreditation of the RSA department – intensive level for 20 beds.

Medical Group care in R1 intensive care is free of charge and paid for by the regional health care system. Medications, medical devices, aids, nutritional supports, and whatever is needed are payable by the SSR, as indicated by the treating team.


TheR1 Intensive Care Unit provides intensive care and functional maintenance services, with high medical commitment, in residential settings. These services are provided to people with non-acute conditions that, presenting high level of complexity, clinical instability, symptoms difficult to control, need for support of vital functions and/or very severe disability, require continuity of care with prompt medical availability and 24-hour nursing presence.

In particular, we support patients with ALS or other advanced neurodegenerative syndromes, patients with chronic diseases with a need for respiratory assistance, those with tracheostomy, artificial nutrition (enteral or parenteral), or otherwise confined to bed and with total dependence for feeding, sphincter control, and personal hygiene, who are in the process of clinical stabilization, and who have completed the necessary previous rehabilitation protocols but due to social and/or technical-organizational problems cannot be cared for at home.


The request is made by the hospital in which the patient is admitted or by the general practitioner to the relevant local health authority. Said request will be evaluated by a commission of the Asl itself and then, if eligible, placed on a single waiting list managed by the Asl of Rome 2.

Any appropriate inquiries can be written to the following email: or by fax at 06/232598519.


Medica Group’s R1 consists of double and single rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning and television, as well as common socializing areas on the floors. A gymnasium equipped for the specific functional needs of our residents is also available.

Treatments, which cannot be provided at home or in other lower intensity care settings, consist of professional medical, psychological, rehabilitation, nursing and protective services, diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical care, supply of artificial nutrition preparations and the disposable medical devices and prosthetic care.

Outreach activities are characterized by:

  • Nursing activities with physiotherapy to the maintenance of the conditions already achieved within the OUs. originating hospitals and rehabilitation facilities as well as the prevention of further complications from overlapping diseases;
  • Continuous medical supervision appropriate to the “status” of each individual patient by medical-specialist staff;
  • programming agreed upon with the medical-specialist team, of the guided intervention and cooperation of relatives in all those activities that, with stimuli familiar to the patient, aim to awaken a responsive consciousness to the external environment and/or support the guest in relationships and communication.

Psychological service
Psychological intervention aims to help the patient and his or her family cope with and manage possible distress at different stages of the disease.

Presidio Health Medica Group values and promotes the presence and activity of volunteers in its facilities.

Spiritual care
At the ground floor is the Chapel where, on holidays and according to a set schedule, Mass is celebrated. The chaplain is available to guests and their families for times of listening and prayer. The request for religious assistance can be communicated directly to the chaplain, or through the nursing coordinator of the ward.
Users can request religious assistance other than Catholic by contacting the URP (Public Relations Office).

Social work
Social work support is available for users afferent to the wards.