Long-term care – Rocca di Papa

San Raffaele in Rocca di Papa has 95 beds in Long Term Medical Care, under accreditation with the Regional Health System. Long-term care is for those users who, after evaluation by the relevant bodies (CAD – Home Care Center and Hospital Multidisciplinary Assessment Units) and having completed the acute phase of hospitalization in specialized settings, need extended care in hospital.

This prolongation of stay in the ward is motivated by the presence of those pathologies typical of the elderly patient that produce a momentary or permanent condition of disability and/or non-self-sufficiency, until stable and suitable conditions for return to their home or other care setting are achieved

The cases in which hospitalization in long-term care is appropriate can be summarized as follows: unstable clinical picture, not compatible with return home; good clinical compensation but persistence of a functional limitation recoverable, at least partially, with extensive rehabilitation intervention; need for continuous medical/nursing care and possible extensive rehabilitation treatment aimed at maintaining residual levels of autonomy.

For this purpose, in addition to the medical, nursing and specialized care staff, rehabilitation therapists specialized in geriatrics, the speech therapist for dysphagia evaluation and the psychologist for psychosocial evaluation are also present in the Department, who carry out their activities aimed at functional and cognitive recovery through the sharing of a personalized program.

In addition, the constant presence of social service is provided to maintain contact with the patients’ families and for their home reintegration.