Neuromotor Rehabilitation – Portuense

The neuromotor rehabilitation department, accredited with the Regional Health System, treats people with various motor disabilities resulting from both neurological and orthopedic diseases.

Neurological rehabilitation treats people with outcomes of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system; particular expertise has been gained in the treatment of conditions resulting from outcomes of cerebrovascular or neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s).

Orthopedic rehabilitation treats subjects with outcomes of traumatic or degenerative osteoarthromuscular system diseases.

Upon admission, a rehabilitation plan is formulated by the various professionals involved in the various stages of rehabilitation: physicians (physiatrist or neurologist), physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist.

The plan is shared with the patient and his or her family members indicating the results it is proposed to achieve and the therapies to be followed at later times in the rehabilitation process.

The assessment is also performed using technological equipment as well as using the main internationally validated disability scales in the diagnostic definition.


Dr. Liana Bestavashvili: Physician in charge of Neuromotor Rehabilitation 1

Dr. Michele Falino: Physician in charge of Neuromotor Rehabilitation 2

Neuromotor Day Hospital

The Treatment Center also has a Neuromotor Day Hospital Department, which receives patients with neurological and orthopedic conditions.

The DH activity, complementary to ordinary hospitalization, allows the Patient to carry out the course of treatment he or she needs through multiweek accesses to the Facility.

This is a form of care characterized by the provision of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services that do not involve the need for ordinary hospitalization and that, due to their nature or complexity, require continuous medical and nursing and/or rehabilitative care that cannot be carried out in an outpatient setting.

Day hospital admission at the Treatment Center is made by contacting
DH Acceptance Office at 06 5225 3101.


Dr. Silvio Ippolito: Physician in charge of Day Hospital Neuromotor Rehabilitation