Nucleus of Non-self-sufficiency

Non-self-sufficient individuals are housed in the Ordinary Core . who require health, welfare, functional recovery and social inclusion services as well as prevention of aggravation of functional impairment due to chronic diseases, who cannot be assisted at home, whose physical and/or mental limitations do not allow them to lead an independent life and whose pathologies do not require hospitalization in hospital-type facilities or rehabilitation centers.

In particular: persons no longer of developmental age who are carriers of stabilized morbid or morpho-functional changes, who have overcome the acute phase of the disease and for whom adequate therapeutic or intensive rehabilitation treatment has been accomplished, but who require protracted therapeutic treatment; adult persons with physical, mental or sensory disabilities in a condition of non-self-sufficiency or suffering from chronic diseases.

Thanks to themultidisciplinary team present throughout the 24 h, medical services, including specialist, nursing and rehabilitation services that contribute to the maintenance of residual functional capacities or the recovery of autonomy in relation to the pathology and in function of the achievement/maintenance of the best possible level of quality of life of the guests are guaranteed; hotel, occupational and recreational services, as well as psychological support are also provided.