RSA Extended Care Level – Sabaudia

The facility’s Extended Maintenance Units, accredited with the Regional Health System, temporarily accommodate non-self-sufficient people, including the elderly, who require a high level of health protection, with health and welfare services aimed at functional recovery.
Reception is for both men and women whose stay must not exceed 60 days.
Amultidisciplinary team is in place, consisting of the doctor in charge, attending physician, nurses, social health workers (OSS), occupational therapists, physical therapists, educators, psychologist and social worker. Specialist medical services are also guaranteed through constant and scheduled accesses of the internist, physiatrist and geriatrician. The cores are also dedicated to the 24-hour medical on-call service.
Clinical-care-rehabilitative interventions include, among others, treatment of specific conditions such as pressure injuries, intravenous drug therapies, and functional recovery interventions, all aimed at the user’s return to his or her home or, in cases where not
is possible, to relocation to a Maintenance RSA.
For each guest there is an Individualized Care Plan (IAP) drawn up by the multidisciplinary team on the basis of clinical and care needs, complete with rehabilitation programs aimed at recovering their abilities.