RSA Extended Level – Nepi Nursing Home

Nepi Nursing Home has 24 beds accredited with the Regional Health System.

he treatment in the Extensive RSA is provided in residential care units intended for non-self-sufficient people, including the elderly, with high health protection needs: medical care, daily nursing care, daily rehabilitative care.
Inpatient care is aimed at the recovery and clinical-functional stabilization of residents.

The recipients of the Extended Residential Assistance cores can be identified as:
– Guests from acute care facilities
– Guests from post-acute care facilities
– Residents from their own homes who require more temporary assistance than can be provided by home care

RSA Extended Level

The RSA is located in Nepi, Viterbo, a few kilometers from northern Rome and is part of the Nepi Nursing Home structure.

Nursing homes (RSAs) are inpatient institutions, either public or private, that accommodate elderly people who are not self-sufficient and are no longer able to remain at home due to their health and autonomy conditions.

Extended Residential Care at Nepi Nursing Home is part of the area care network. Therefore, people housed in it are assured of first-level medical services, as well as for general citizens.

Methods of access

Access is arranged by the Territorial Assessment Unit of the ASL of residence, after a multidimensional assessment of the guest, for whom the application for admission has been submitted. The waiting list is managed by the ASL. The length of stay should not exceed 60 days.