RSA Maintenance Level – Nepi Nursing Home

The RSA, located in Nepi, province of Viterbo a few kilometers from northern Rome, is part of the Nepi Nursing Home structure and affiliated with the Regional Health System.

Nursing homes (RSAs) are inpatient institutions, either public or private, that take in elderly people who are not self-sufficient and are no longer able to remain at home due to their health and autonomy conditions. Hospitalizations may be temporary or indefinite.

According to national regulations, the RSA must offer residents:

1. residential accommodation with as much of a domestic feel as possible, organized to respect the individual’s need for privacy and confidentiality while stimulating socialization among residents;

2. all medical, nursing, and rehabilitation interventions necessary to prevent and treat chronic diseases and their possible flare-ups;

3.individualized care geared toward protecting and improving levels of autonomy, maintaining personal interests, and promoting well-being.


Nepi Nursing Home offers an 80-bed nursing home department organized in rooms that can accommodate two to three guests each, all with en suite bathrooms and television; single rooms are also available if required.

In the department is guaranteed the ‘ 24-hour medical, nursing and auxiliary care, you can have Specialist Consultations. A gymnasium and two break rooms are also available, should our guest not wish to eat in the room.

Methods of access

Access to the RSA is possible only after evaluation by the ASL Evaluation Unit of the patient’s residence, which issues appropriate eligibility for inclusion on the waiting list. To be placed on the Nepi Nursing Home waiting list, the eligibility issued must be forwarded to ASL Viterbo, which manages the relevant waiting list

There are no time limits about the length of stay in that department, plus, unlike other types of hospitalization, in case our guest needs to be transferred to Hospital and is unable to return because of his medical situation, his bed will be retained for a maximum of 10 days.

The R.S.A. department has an agreement with the Regional Health System, so only a partial financial contribution is required from our guest. For guests who meet certain legal requirements, it is possible to apply to their municipality for a financial contribution to pay the guest’s tuition.