RSA PRIVATE Nursing Home – Rocca di Papa

The Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale (R.S.A.) of San Raffaele di Rocca di Papa provides health and welfare services of functional and social recovery to non-self-sufficient individuals, who cannot be treated at home, with illnesses in the phase of clinical stabilization that require continuous socio-sanitary treatment.

The department is able to provide health care services of functional recovery of social inclusion, as well as prevention of aggravation of functional impairment for diseases that cannot be assisted at home and do not require hospitalization.

It is a third-level RSA incorporating 3 geriatric problem areas:

  • Area of senescence (partial or total limitation of self-sufficiency), with special emphasis on people with chronic diseases;
  • Disability area, referring to functionally handicapped people with significant dependency;
  • Mental distress area


Welfare activities are mainly carried out for the disabled elderly: the fundamental purpose is to optimize the quality of life of each resident.

Through a multidimensional assessment of each patient, individualized rehabilitation programs are implemented to achieve maintenance and, where possible, enhancement of residual functional and cognitive abilities.

Three types of services are provided within the RSA department:

  • Medical care:
    is provided by the ASL RM H/1 Primary Care Physicians coordinated by the Department’s Medical Officer.
  • Health care:
    is provided by the Department Manager by interacting with ASL primary care physicians, who access the RSA Department
    Rehabilitation services include group or individual interventions, play therapy, ROT (real orientation therapy), occupational therapy, and neuromotor rehabilitation therapy. Rehabilitation is understood not as a moment isolated to the time and place of intervention of the specific professional, but extends to the patient’s entire day, so as to promote as much as possible self-care and autonomy in the proper performance of daily acts of life, under the careful supervision of the caregiver. The basic care services, the more specifically rehabilitative ones and the specialized ones, are in fact delivered not by watertight compartments, but in an atmosphere of intense integration between the interventions of the various operators.
  • Social Therapy:
    ample space is also given to recreational activities, which are an integral part of daily life in the RSA, regulated by a monthly calendar of social activities designed according to the various types of guests in the Ward. In addition to the Facility’s own caregivers, volunteers and family members of the Residents who, individually or in groups, wish to cheer and enliven the lives of the residents are also involved in them. The various initiatives are coordinated by a team that includes the Ward Manager, social worker, head nurse, specialized nurses, O.T.A., vocational educator and rehabilitation therapists. Fundamental is considered the involvement of the family of origin, which is regarded as a particularly useful “method” for reducing the suffering from “uprooting” from the home environment of origin. Therefore, the participation of relatives and close friends in some of the residents’ caregiving moments is encouraged: mealtime, recreational and entertainment events.