The Alzheimer’s Core

Alzheimer ‘s Units within RSAs, accredited with the Regional Health System, are intended for individuals with dementia and behavioral disorders (tendency to escape, aggression, tendency to scream). They ensure the necessary protective and safe conditions, and, at the same time, rhythms of life and rehabilitative stimuli appropriate to their reduced cognitive and functional abilities. The organization of the nucleus includes the presence of highly qualified operators who can provide 24-hour care.

Amultidisciplinary team ensures the definition of the most appropriate and effective individualized care plans, using the most advanced methodologies and protocols, the result of continuous research in the field. The Core, organized structurally to create a ‘prosthetic’ environment with home-like characteristics, operates according to a rehabilitative and reactivating logic, in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere in order to ensure “the maximum degree of freedom with the maximum degree of safety.”