Pandemic stress affects six out of 10 people, according to WHO research. Uncertainty, anxiety, anticipation and fear, ‘after eight months of emergency, result in’ real mental fatigue leading to fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, sleep and mood disturbances.

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To combat post-traumatic stress disorder-COVID, which can affect many patients, their families, and anyone exposed to it in social, family, and work settings, San Raffaele Roma has decided to activate a multi-purpose outpatient clinic. A pool of psychologists will be engaged’ atIRCCS San Raffaele Rome. The initiative focuses attention precisely on the psychic sphere of those who have directly and/or indirectly come to terms with the virus.

San Raffaele Roma Group tries to give further input and support in overcoming the health and social emergency, which has been affecting our lives for about a year. The outpatient clinic, which will be operational starting tomorrow, is accessible to those who have had and been cured of COVID, to people who initially tested positive even if symptomless or paucisymptomatic,’ to their relatives, and to all those who once the positivity is resolved , nevertheless retain anxious symptoms.

“We live in a historical moment in which we fall prey to strong emotional and behavioral disorientation. Sense of loneliness, anguish of loss and resignation pervade our society . All this cannot go away with the disappearance of the virus, therefore, we intend to propose not an outpatient Psychotherapy clinic, but rather something more specific,” he says Amalia Allocca, coordinator of health directorates at San Raffaele Group Rome – “something that uniquely circumscribes the whole psychic area developed with the pandemic, and thus how the Sars-Cov 2 Virus psychologically affected people, both affected and then cured, and those still sick, all the way down to the close loved ones, who experience the helplessness of not being able to physically and emotionally assist their loved ones. A helplessness that in some may even dysfunctionally turn into guilt.”