General Surgery

General Surgery is a specialty that deals with diseases of the abdomen, ano-rectum, breast, thyroid, and abdominal wall as well as any other surface of the body. The Surgical Examination is carried out through various areas and pathological addresses and makes use of numerous diagnostic aids, especially in the field of imaging (Rx, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, etc.).

Suitable for

Specialist examination by a SURGEON is recommended in the presence of discomfort felt in the abdomen (abdominal cavity or wall), ano-rectum (rectal bleeding, anal spasms and pain, abnormal discharge, etc.), in the presence of breast swellings felt on self-examination, in the presence of solid thyroid goiters or nodules (ultrasound).

The Surgeon is by your side to help you resolve or ameliorate problems related to liver and biliary tract diseases; pancreas and spleen; digestive tract from esophagus to recto-ano; breast and thyroid; hernias and laparoceles but also acute abdominal conditions such as biliary colic, acute appendicitis, intestinal occlusions and hemorrhages, peritonitis, and hernial strictures. A special niche in General Surgery is benign diseases of the anorectal region such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, fissures, condylomata, abscesses, benign tumors and prolapse but also malignant tumors of the anorectum.

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