San Raffaele San Nicandro Garganico

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San Raffaele San Nicandro Garganico

Via Matteo del Campo s.n.c. - 71015 - San Nicandro Garganico (FG)


088 2496211
Monday to Friday – 08:00 / 18:00

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Visitor admission
Patients can receive visitors every day, at any time, consistent with the regular course of therapeutic activities.

Come Raggiungerci

  • From Bari:
    Take the SS96; take the A14 highway towards Naples-Pescara-Taranto; take the Lesina-Poggio Imperiale exit; take the SP41 and continue to your destination.


  • From Foggia:
    Take the SS16; pass through San Severo and continue on the SS89 to your destination.


Mode of admission
Submit an application on prepared forms directly to the Social and Health District of the ASL with jurisdiction, or to the Office of the Social Worker in the municipality of residence, attaching the following documentation:

(a) Admission proposal from the General Practitioner or Hospital Unit Manager (in case of discharge):

(b) certified copy of clinical chart or hospital discharge card, laboratory and instrumental test reports;

c) self-certification of the income of the person to be hospitalized and the entire household (in case of cohabitation), which can be obtained from the previous year’s Form 730-UNICO- CUD (first house excluded);

(d) Commitment of the municipality of residence to bear the share of the daily fee in case of an indigent person with no family members who can provide for them.


It is emphasized that the general prerequisite for admission is temporary or permanent non-self-sufficiency.

Authorization for hospitalization is issued by the Multidimensional Assessment Unit (UVM). The guest in the RSA remains the responsibility of their general practitioner who exercises prescriptive capacity (medications, laboratory tests, instrumental. specialist visits. certifications, etc.) in collaboration with the coordinating doctor of the facility responsible for said medical record and the PAI (Individualized Care Program).

M.M.G.’s accesses to the RSA are arranged with the RSA Health Coordinator.

The daily fee for the RSA, set by the resolution DGR no. 698 of 16/03/03 is 30.24 euros for the Ordinary Core, while DGR Resolution No. 1226/2005 sets the tuition fee at 39.00 euros for the Alzheimer’s Core. The fees represent 30 percent to be paid by the user and/or (in the cases provided for) by the municipality of residence, subject to formal authorization.