Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging (or imaging) refers to all those procedures through which an internal part of the human body can be examined. These are painless but critical examinations to support the physician’s work in diagnosing a disorder or determining its severity status.

In fact, the radiologist is a physician who specializes in processing and interpreting images of the various organs of the human body generated by technologically advanced systems based on the physics of radiation, ultrasound and electromagnetic waves. The radiologist prepares and decides on the setting of the examination according to the most suitable technical procedures for diagnosis, using radiology technician staff equipped with advanced skills.

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The outpatient clinic deals with the production, processing and interpretation for diagnostic purposes of images obtained with the use of ionizing radiation modulated with appropriate dosimetry in relation to the anatomical part under examination.

The other two methods that together with radiology make up the discipline of diagnostic imaging are ultrasonography, which is based on the use of ultrasound and its interaction with the tissues of various organs, and nuclear magnetic resonance, which exploits the reaction of an organism, subjected to waves of electromagnetic radiation, within a magnetic field. Radiology employs X-rays, differing from ultrasound, which uses ultrasound, or MRI, which makes use of the physical phenomenon of resonance of atomic nuclei.

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Instruments of excellence at St. Raphael’s

IRCCS San Raffaele is one of the state-of-the-art facilities in Lazio for the service of
Computed Tomography (CT)
: the facility has a 512-layer CT scanner. A tool of technological excellence at the international level in the field of diagnostic imaging. In addition, thanks to GE Healthcare SIGNA Hero, the new 3 Tesla MRI for advanced imaging,IRCCS San Raffaele ‘s diagnostics and research is able to combine state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities with space and comfort at the highest level.

At theIRCCS San Raffaele and the San Raffaele Termini Outpatient Clinic there is a 3D Mammography with Tomosynthesis – MAMMOMAT Inspiration PRIME Edition – Siemens, equipped with Progressive Reconstruction Intelligently Minimizing Exposure technology, an intelligent software solution that delivers dose savings of up to 30 percent and very high image quality.

While at St. Raphael Termini Outpatient Clinic, it is possible to perform examinations under load thanks to the new direct digital radiology instrumentation: a method by which the production/formation of images is done through the acquisition of digital data. An “array” of digital dots (pixels) replaces traditional X-ray film and collects the information of X-rays emitted by the X-ray tube passing through the body. This information translated into digital data, by means of the optical fiber, reaches a computer that displays the acquired image, ready to be interpreted.

What are the advantages of direct digital radiology?

  • Reduction of radiation dose
  • Reduced examination time
  • Better image quality
  • Reduction of any overexposed or underexposed and uninterpretable images.


San Raffaele Termini Outpatient Clinic is also equipped with a new-generation Moviplan IC X-ray room(direct digital radiology) with an X-ray table and column, which allows a wide range of applications to follow that can meet different examination needs:

  • The table has a large surface area and a wide range of movements to ensure complete radiological coverage. This avoids exam preparation time and repositioning of the patient according to the type of exam to be performed
  • The X-ray column has all the features necessary for the performance of typical X-ray projections, with the inclusion of an auto-tracking system to speed up the preparation of the apparatus for the examination to be performed
  • The system is complemented by a TeleIC teleradiograph that, thanks to a wide vertical range, allows the possibility of following examinations under load (patient in standing position) of the spine and lower limbs).

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