St. Raphael Cassino



St. Raphael Cassino

Via G. Di Biasio, 1 - 03043 - Cassino (FR)

Centralino: +39 0776 3941
Reception: 0776 394 715
CUP: Reservations for examinations and diagnostic tests:
Tel: +39 06 5225 3535 – FAX: 0776 394403
Monday – Friday from 07:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday from 07:00/19:00
Uff. Accettazione: +39 0776 394770 | +39 0776 394734
Monday – Saturday: 08:00- 19:00
Servizio Assistenza Sociale: The User is followed by the Facility staff at every stage of his or her stay at San Raffaele Cassino so that all his or her needs can be met and the services provided are efficient and functional.

Efforts to provide clear and accessible information are pursued through the production of comprehensive and up-to-date information materials on activities carried out.

There is a Social Work Service at the Facility that is the direct point of contact with the Facility, the counter to provide information on services and how to access them.

The Social Welfare Service also deals with:

  • Adapt, where possible, the Facility and health care services to the needs of the User;

  • To survey satisfaction with the way ancillary health services are delivered;

  • Accommodate complaints from Users.

The social worker is present in the facility and is available to the Public every day

Tel: +39 0776 394782



Health Dir. 0776 394 710
Operations Dir. 0776 394 700
DH neuromotor 0776 394 735
Former Art..26 Developmental Age Outpatient Clinic 0776 394 751

Adult Outpatient Clinic 0776 394 796


Visitors’ entrance
Morning: from 12: 15 – 1:00 p.m.
Afternoon: from 5:0o – 6:30 pm

Come Raggiungerci

From Rome or Naples:
A1 Autostrada del Sole exit Cassino

From Gaeta or Formia:
Head along the Cassino-Formia freeway (Via Ausonia), which joins Via Casilina, travelling along which, in the direction of Cassino center, you will reach the Nursing Home after about 500 meters.

The Railway Station is about 300 meters from the Nursing Home.


METHODS OF RECREATION (ordinary and day hospital)

Contact the intake office:
Tel: 0776 394770394734
Monday – Saturday: 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

In order to access the Day Hospital, it is necessary to undergo a pre-hospitalization examination by the specialist, which can be booked by phone at the CUP reception.

Specialist examination can be conducted Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

It is possible to download admission forms directly from our website.
The form should be completed by thehome hospital, i.e., the attending physician; applications without the signature, stamp and telephone number of the physician will not be accepted.


Applications for hospitalization are evaluated within 24/48 hours of request. The outcome (acceptance, request for further clarification, non-acceptance), will then be communicated by fax to the requesting hospital, and if the application for admission is accepted, the patient will be placed on the waiting list; the date of admission will be communicated as soon as the bed becomes available.


Within 48 hours after submitting the application for hospitalization, the user or family member can, after calling the Acceptance Office, from 2:30 to 4:20 p.m. learn the outcome of the application. If successful, the user is placed on the waiting list.
The date of admission will be communicated by phone.
The reason for any negative outcome can only be communicated in person to the user, the user’s guardian or a person delegated by the user.


The Facility’s commitment is to ensure that the patient receives the congruent and appropriate care in accordance with the access criteria established by regional regulations and in a transparent manner, based on the order of submission of admission proposals and the clinical priority established by the Facility’s physicians. Written response to transfer requests from hospital departments is provided within 3-5 days.

Waiting lists are made according to the availability of the specialist doctor, practitioners and health technicians through special schedules managed directly by the facility staff and shared with the Admissions Office.


Whether coming from another health care facility or directly from home, upon admission theUser should bring with him/her:

  • Identity Document
  • Health card, issued by the local health authority to which you belong
  • Tax Code
  • Clinical documentation including previous admissions to other hospitals and copies of recent examinations
  • Discharge letter (if from another health care facility)
  • Commitment for admission from the attending physician (in case it comes from home)


Download the hospice admission form

Download the unique transfer request form*.

*Tosupplement and clarify, please note that the “single form for transfer request” constitutes the only document validated by the Lazio Region (Annex A) and therefore is the only form to be used for the request for admission to Post Acute Care Intensive Rehabilitation Cod 56.

It seems clear that requests for admission to DH (Day Hospital), i.e., day hospitalization in Post Acute Care Intensive Rehabilitation Cod. 56, should also be formalized by the GP on that form.