St. Raphael Viterbo

The structure

La struttura

The Facility specializes in physical, mental and sensory rehabilitation for the functional and social recovery of individuals of all age groups, from developmental to adult.

A majestic tunnel of centuries-old holm oaks the driveway leading to the villa set in a 24-hectare garden park. A total of 95 residential, 35 semiresidential and 100 treatment/day nonresidential beds and a specialized multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians, nurses, social and health workers, psychologists, speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and educators provide multi-specialty care. St. Raphael Rehabilitation Center in Viterbo operates through the:

  • Operating units of the disabled adult residential and semiresidential
  • Of the Developmental Rehabilitation Unit with a focus on autism spectrum disorders

Strengthening personal, housing and social autonomy by pursuing the maintenance of skills related to conceptual intelligence in order to make the patient as autonomous as possible in daily life is the goal of the clinical pathway, which complements the traditional therapeutic process with a comprehensive occupational therapy activity including:

  • Creative workshop
  • The recreational sports, tourism and social integration activities,
  • Equestrian rehabilitation
  • Onotherapy
  • Theater, music, singing, film workshops
  • The Integrated Football project able to bring sports into the days of children attending residential and semi-residential nuclei

Among the peculiarities of the facility is the Equestrian Rehabilitation Center where interaction with equids and the practice of sports represent for the patient an additional opportunity toward the achievement of personal and social autonomy thanks to the openness to the outside world and the social inclusion that characterizes its modus operandi. Equestrian rehabilitation, onotherapy and integrated riding school for disabled and non-disabled people are practiced at the riding school, which is surrounded by a park of centuries-old olive trees. All activities are carried out with the technical support of theAREDA Amateur Sports Association. This is home to free-roaming Haflinger horses used for therapy and lessons in riding and tack, some mini ponies used for younger children, and some donkeys. in which onotherapy is also practiced.


All services are authorized and accredited by DCA no. 249 of 07/28/2014 and DCA no. 238 of 11.06.2015.

St. Raphael Viterbo

Strada Filante, 16 - 01100 - Viterbo

Centralino: 0761 37891
Monday through Friday – 8:00 a.m. / 6:00 p.m.

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